Thursday, September 5, 2013

"iphone Artistry" an annual event?

Great Barrington, MA – Art On Main presents “iphone Artistry” an exhibit of cell phone photography by local artists of Berkshire Co. through October 2013.  A reception for the artists will take place on Saturday, August 31 from 5 to 7 pm at the gallery of Barnbrook Realty, 271 Main St., Great Barrington.


Smart phones, in particular Apple’s iphone have been around for less than a decade. In that short period of time they have become ubiquitous as the easy-to-reach, simple to use camera of choice for sharing images with friends as well as fine art photography.  With access to free or inexpensive apps for shooting, resizing, distorting, stylizing, framing, blending, texturizing, stitching panoramas, and painting, these self-contained units are also miniature darkrooms where creativity is unleashed using the many tools in a very big toolbox.

This exhibit explores the various approaches to iphonography by nine Berkshire artists.  Many of the photographs are created from images taken with the iphone camera but later put through one or more  post-processing steps.  Some use the basic iphone’s built-in lens while others utilize options most people are surprised to learn are available as options such as HDR (High Dynamic Range) and panorama.   Most clearly demonstrated in this exhibit, is that in the hands of an artist, a camera phone can be an expressive vehicle, lots of fun and inspiring for the viewer.