Monday, September 3, 2012

Flowers: Photographs by Stephanie Blumenthal at Art On Main, the Gallery at Barnbrook Realty

All are welcome to
join us on Wednesday, September 12th from 5 to 7 for a
reception for the artist

“Most people photograph flowers when they are in full bloom. I discovered that flowers past their prime had a unique beauty to them.  As the flower dries/dies it goes through altered positions before the ultimate loss of petals. Petals twist and curl or some even look windblown, stems bend and curve over. It¹s these states that I find intriguing; the flowers are frozen in a graceful gesture or dance; there¹s a brush stroke quality to them. I photographed them individually and against a neutral background in order to accent their simplicity and gracefulness.”

~Stephanie Blumenthal

Photographs by Stephanie Blumenthal

Photographs by Stephanie Blumenthal
September 1 to Oct 26, 2012
Reception: Wednesday, September 12th
  5 to7
271 Main St.
Great Barrington, MA